Once Yuma figured out what Astral meant and move to safety, Astral was able to fight without hesitation. Dueling Ghost/Spirit[3][4]/Ghost Duelist (dub)[5]The Invisible Duelist (dub)[6]Messenger/Emissary (of Astral World)[7][8][9][10][11]The Original Number[8][10][12][13][14]Guardian Angel (by Yuma, dub)[15] I wonder if there's a way to connect people around the world this way. Just before Yuma was about to finish off Astral with a One Turn Kill, Astral activated "Heat & Heal" to survive the attack. Both are never tearful, with rare exceptions (Astral once Eliphas dies and in the series finale, and Yami Yugi in 4 episodes of the fourth season of the original series). [42], According to Jinlon, this battle brought destruction to the Earth and it must never be allowed to happen again. Despite Yuma lost, Astral was still happy, knowing that Kite fought Yuma as a friend rather than an enemy. Astral watched Mizar unleash his true power and was stunned when he Summoned his "Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". They were interrupted when Dumon crashed into them and the ship landed in a jungle. Although Astral has amnesia, he has a very intelligent and calm attitude when it comes to Dueling. [3][48][143] Conversely, Astral also acknowledged the Duels he and Yuma must face with Shark if he had a "Number" card in his possession and the dark influence they must save him from.[13][59][72][73][76]. ", "Humans will do their best when given praise. Android Deck Building Application, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Secret of the Ancients 1: Secret of Beasts, Orcustrating A New Gameplan: Why You Should Still Play Orcusts, 1st Place LCS 8 Virtual World 2020 (UNDEFEATED) Gabriel Netz. While Dueling Yuma, A… ", "Number cards affect people. For the World Duel Carnival, Yuma further modified his Deck for the competition that he was about to face. During the Duel, Yuma thinks that he the only one that can protect him and reflected how Astral is always the one protecting him. It was shown multiple times that Astral is able to talk with Yuma telepathically. Astral attacked Yuma directly with "Utopia Ray V", dropping his Life Points to a mere 1400, leaving everybody shocked at his full-force attacks.[137]. [120], Astral was surprised when the Seven Barian Emperors appeared before them, along with Shark and Rio as Nash and Marin. During the Duel, Astral realized that Thousand was using the power of the Numeron Code to gained an overwhelming advantaged over them. [12], Later at night, Yuma, Astral, and Tori meet Kite's younger brother Hart Tenjo. Astral explained to Yuma the Hart that he want to get caramel for Kite, allowing Yuma calmed Hart down with it. [67] In the next stage, Astral points out that there are the four fields - so only eight Duelists total will make it to them and to Yuma and told to be careful. [29] He is also capable of flight as he is always seen floating, and seems to not rely on things such as food to live. DeckTin - Yu-Gi-Oh! [121] As the Emperors' Barian's Chaos Draw produced pillars of light, Astral was surprised by the overwhelming force they gave off. Negating "Number 69"'s powers, Yuma and Astral won, but realized that the Sphere Field absorbed their own "Numbers". [45], Travelling through The Door, Astral appeared before Yuma Tsukumo and Reginald Kastle during their Duel, telling Yuma to stand up and win. During their duels, Astral often says "The winning formula is complete" whenever he and Yuma are ready to make their comeback. Some do it quite loudly, while others speak volumes with their silence. Since ZEXAL II's appearance causes "Sargasso" to self-destruct, Astral and the others returned to Heartland. [89] , and watched Shark's Duel with a brainwashed Art Stanley. He also said that Astral will never collect all of the "Numbers" without him and that he didn't have what it took to possess the Numeron Code. After landing an attack on Number 96, Astral was then pushed in a corner when Number 96 unveiled his strategy; whenever Number 96 would take damage, deadly traps would be aimed at Yuma, which could kill him. They also informed him that all his allies were betrayed by Vector and their souls was absorbed. [40] As a result of this battle, fragments of Astral's power were scattered across the Human World and designated the location of the Numeron Code. Astral's ultimate weapon though is "No. [102] When Vector arrived to Earth, Astral and Yuma found out that he was the Barian that possessed Dr. Faker. ", knowing that defeating Nash would be to sacrifice who Yuma had been, just as the Door had predicted. Astral was able to sense Yuma's presence and informed him about the Duel, as well as telling him he already "lost" the Duel. Astral and Yuma, despite having a rocky start, have a very close relationship with each other. Astral deduced strange activities were happening to Earth and the Astral World because they are connected to one another. Astral remember his home- the Astral World. ", "Yuma, it seems you're loved by everyone. Despite his loss, Don Thousand laughed at Astral and the others, claiming his curse has not been lifted before his soul was transferred to Nash with all the "Numbers" along with him. Yuma and Astral prepare to combine with ZEXAL. He told Shark and Nash to read the passage of the hero and Pegasus to provide a clue to Mach's tactics. When Yuma was blaming himself for Astral's situation, Astral told Yuma that he figured what he can do right now, but won't elaborate any further than that. Stargazing is a common pastime they do, during which they share many deep conversations. [122], Once Yuma regain full consciousness, Astral explained what happened after he fainted and his friends' deaths, which devastated him. [6], As Astral absorbs the "Numbers", bits and pieces of his memories start to return, most of them incomplete. After Yuma's friends were freed, they all went to thank Astral instead of Yuma, though they're still unable to see him, and thus were shouting at nothing.

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